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Automation Anywhere Professional training provides you with professional competency to create Robotics Process Automation requirements into working robots using Automation Anywhere platform. Automation Anywhere Enterprise is the most implemented intelligent automation platform requiring minimal programming.

This Course prepares you to attain Automation Anywhere Foundation, Advanced, and Master Certification. The live hands-on examples in the course curriculum ensure you have enough hands-on experience to create industry-grade robots confidently.

In each module, hands-on examples, in-class live projects, and additional certification project develop your capability to create industry-grade, real-life use cases.

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This training is an excellent gateway to futuristic technologies for professionals looking to change their career track, lead an RPA team in an upcoming project, start RPA practice in their organization, gain awareness in Robotics process automation. This training does not require any special prior programming or IT knowledge. Hence it could be taken by professionals from any field.

Why Automation Anywhere Professional

RPA market will reach $1.7 billion in revenue in 2019 on its way to a $2.9 billion market in 2021. This automation will create new jobs, such as bot masters and operations experts, who manage bot performance. By the end of 2019, we’ll see the equivalent of an additional 3% of today’s jobs created
Reference: Forrester 7-predictions-for-the-2019-rpa-market

Intelligent Automation (RPA Plus AI) Will Release $134 Billion In Labor Value In 2022. Meaning it will help organisation realize $134 billion worth of value.
Reference: Intelligent Automation (RPA Plus AI) Will Release $134 Billion In Labor Value In 2022

Hyper Automation is Number One Trend Gartner’s list of  Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2020 . Prepare your career in the number one Technology Trend to ride the way of Future Enterprise
Reference: Gartner-top-10-strategic-technology-trends-for-2020

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Course Details

  1. RPA Using Automation Anywhere Pre-Assessment
    • RPA Using Automation Anywhere Pre-Assessment
  1. Overview of Robotic Process Automation
    • Automation Spectrum
    • Factors Leading To Robotics Process Automation Adoption
    • Robotics Process Automation vs I.T Automation
    • What is Robotics Process Automation
    • Robotics Process Automation Market Landscape
    • Application of Robotics Process Automation
    • Robotics Process Automation Roles and Job Opportunities
    • Applications/ Where is it used? – (Industries using RPA)



  1. Overview Of Automation Anywhere
    • Automation Anywhere Architecture
    • Automation Anywhere Platform Components
    • Hardware and Software Requirements
    • Automation Anywhere Control Room
    • Automation Anywhere Client
    • Automation Anywhere Task Editor
    • Different Types of Bots:- TaskBots, MetaBots, IQBots


    • Installation of Automation Anywhere
    • Connect Automation Anywhere to Control Room
    • Configure Various Automation Anywhere Settings
    • My First Hello World Task Bot


  1. Recorders, Variables and Tasks
    • Screen Recorder
    • Web Recorder
    • SMART Recorder
    • Recording and Running a Task
    • Variable Types



  1. Automation Anywhere Robot Commands
    • Prompt, Delay, Comment
    • Web Recorder
    • Object Cloning
    • Manage Windows Control
    • Window Actions
    • Wait Commands
    • Keystrokes Command
    • Mouse Commands
    • Launch Application Commands
    • OCR:- Optical Character Recognition



  1. Automation Anywhere System Commands
    • Excel Automation Commands
    • CSV Automation Commands
    • PDF Automation Commands
    • Database Automation Commands
    • Email Automation Commands
    • Files and Folder Automation Commands
    • Application Loop Automation Commands
    • XML Commands
    • SOAP and REST Web Services Automation
    • Terminal Emulator



  1. Programming, Robot Integration, Exception Management and Debugging
    • Run Task Commands
    • Error Handling Commands
    • Screen Capture
    • Log To File
    • Services Command
    • Clipboard, App Integration, Delay, FTP/SFTP



  1. Metabots
    • MetaBots Usage
    • MetaBot Designer
    • Creation of MetaBots
    • Record Logic in MetaBot
    • Configure MetaBots screen
    • Calibrate MetaBots screen
    • Dll Imported Reusable Metabot
    • Import and Export Dataset command



  1. Control Room
    • Automation Anywhere Control Room Introduction
    • Contro Room Dashboards
    • Control Room Licenses
    • Contro Room Users, Roles, and Privileges
    • Control Room Work Queues
    • Control Room Device Pools, Lockers, Audit
    • Control Room Advanced Concepts



  1. Artificial Intelligent and ML-based IQ Bots
    • What are IQ Bots
    • Enable IQ Bots Designer
    • IQ Bots Creation
    • Design IQ Bots
    • Validations
    • Scheduling IQ Bots
    • Train IQ Bots



Final Assessment 75 questions 1.5 hours

  1. Fictitious corporation: Identify opportunities for Robotics Process Automation to your client.
  2. Help The Intern: Ryan has been promoted to become a solution architect. Help Ryan decide the best way to create sustainable RPA architecture.
  3. Too Many Options: A project team needs help to get their code qualified to be accepted by COE, run in production as well.
  1. Vendor Incentive Calculation

Project Features

    • Web Automation
    • Recorders
    • Selectors
    • Scraping
    • PDF automaton
    • Excel Automation
    • Metabots
    • Version Control
    • Control Room
      • Queues
      • Roles
  1. Gst Verification

Project Features

    • Web Automation
    • Recorders
    • Selectors
    • Scraping
    • Excel Automation
    • PDF Automation
    • Control Room
      • Queues
      • Roles
  1. Certification Project: 
    • To be Submitted by Learners To Earn Certificate

Project System Requirements

Most common personal computer support running the practical demos. You will be guided to install Automation Anywhere tool during training.


There are no pre-requisites for this training. One needs only basic Working Knowledge of Computer

Course Detail

Course Price

 Offer Price


 Course Duration

30 hours

 Interview Questions


 RPA Quiz Questions


 Days Project Work



90 %

 Learners Trained

1000 Plus

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do provide classroom training as well on specific requests depending on the availability of learners. Classroom batches are usually custom created on bulk requests.

Yes, the batch size is no more than 10 participants per batch. We believe in imparting quality training, with individual attention to each participant

Each training session gets recorded, so, if you miss a class you could view the recording and ask queries in upcoming sessions. You could join any next batch as well.

The training simulates real-time industry processes for automation. Two projects are covered as part of the training first project covers flow chart Project, the second one covers REF (Robotics Enterprise Framework)

You could use your laptop or desktop to execute practicals. This course does not require any specialized personal computer. We help you install UiPath during the training to ensure you can execute practicals.

You could log a query with us, and our intelligent automation experts will get in touch with you to help you solve the query. Allow some time to our experts to get back to you.

You need to complete the course quiz, case study practicals, and certification project. If the results of the quiz, case study, and practicals are up to the defined standards, you earn an RPA studios certificate. This training allows you to easily attain the respective official tool-specific certificate as well. If you specifically need certification, you could enroll for the certification course.

We have an extensive network of Industry Professionals who require skilled RPA professionals. We do try to get our learners internship opportunities, however, seats for internships may be limited. We prepare you with strong practicals and mock interviews that could help you crack job interviews. Our learners have landed exciting job opportunities in various organizations. We do not guarantee any job placement though.

If you wish a refund before the starting of the first-class then you are eligible for a refund.

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