HyperAutomation (AI,ML,Analytics,RPA)


Hyperautomation with AI, ML, Analytics and RPA is first of its kind,custom curated course for professionals in Hyperautomation, which is trend number one on Gartner’s list of  Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 20201.  that unlocks maximum potential for any automated enterprise.

This course gives real hand-on experience in tools such as Process Mining, Task Capture, Task Mining, Automation Hub, Document Understanding, App Fabric, Action Centre, and Insights.

The course also covers Chatbots with RPA and commonly used AL and ML use cases that are solved using Robotics Process Automation.

This course also covers the offering in Hyperautomation form Blue Prism and various other platforms. This course is the most sought after course due to its niche nature, little available knowledge, and its far-reaching applications in the market.

This course is suitable for professionals such as software engineers, test professionals, Managers, Consultants, Lead, Directors who are looking beyond just rule base Robotics Process Automation.

Why HyperAutomation (AI,ML,Analytics,RPA)

Hyperautomation is trend number one in the latest gartner List of Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2020
Source: Forrester 7-predictions-for-the-2019-rpa-market

McKinsey Global Institute estimates that using demonstrated technologies, more than 81 % of predictable physical work, 69 % of data processing, and 64 percent of data-collection activities could feasibly be automated.

Three-Quarters of Organisations are planning to Automate now or in the immediate future.

Source:  McKinsey

Gartner predicts that by 2022, 20% of RPA will be cloud-based. In 2019 and beyond, RPA will incorporate AI and become percipient: It will understand process goals and be able to handle more decisions—e.g., today’s exception cases.
Source: 7-predictions-for-the-2019-rpa-market Read More

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Course Details

  1. Robotics Process Automation Pre-Assessment
    • Pre-Assessment Quiz
  1. Insights To Hyperautomation
    • What Is Hyperautomation
    • Current Challenges To Virtual Workforce
    • Benefits of Hyperautomation
    • Components of Hyperautomation
    • Robotics Process Automation Vs Hyperautomation
    • States of A Virtual Workforce Journey( Discover, Build, Manage, Run, Engage, Measure
    • HyperAutomation Landscape by Vendors: Hyperautomation tools UiPath, AA and BP
    • Application of Hyperautomation in Industry Use Cases
  1. Process Mining
    • What Is Process Mining
    • Evolution Of Process Mining
    • How Enterprise Applications Help Process Mining
    • Process Mining Architecture
    • What is Event Mart ( Database of information from logs extracted from SalesForce, MS CRM, SAP or Oracle)
    • Process Flow Visible Vs Actual
    • Application Areas Of Process Mining
    • Combination with RPA
    • Competitive advantage
    • Various Other Process Mining Vendors
  1. UiPath Process Mining
    • Introduction
    • Components of Uipath Process Mining
      • UiPath Process Mining Connectors
      • AppOne
      • UiPath Process Mining Platform
    • Ui Path AppOne Process Mining Architecture
    • Typical Process Performance Measurement Units and KPI Terms
    • Deep Exploration App One Dashboard
      • Overview, Cases, Roles
      • Process Loop Depth, Edges, Cases, Activities, Analysis,
      • Timing
      • Conformance Tags, Tag Types, Case Types, Overview Analysis
      • Users,Cases,Interactions
      • Process Details
      • Filters
    • Key Metrics To Be Measured
      • Process Variants
      • Cost Per Activity
      • Timing Of Process Activities
      • SLA, Rework Rate, Inefficiency, Throughput
      • Percentage Of Process Automated
      • Creating Custom Views
    • Creating personal Views, Process Visualizations
    • Tracy, Animating the Process, Compare Process
  1. Task Capture, Task Mining
    • Challenges with current Process capture set up
    • Overview Of UiPath Explorer Enterprise
    • The PEC Framework
    • Components of Ui Explorer Expert
    • Work With Process Capture
    • Work With Diagram Builder
  1. Automation Hub
    • Insights To Automation Hub
    • Automation Hub Architecture
    • Get Automation Hub
    • Democratization of Virtual Workforce
    • Why Automation Hub
    • Automation Hub Workspace
      • Automation Pipeline
      • My Ideas
      • My Collaborations
      • My Team
      • My Components
      • My Following
    • Explorer Tab
      • People
      • Components
      • Leaderboard
      • Automation
    • Dashboards
      • Automation Program Performance
      • Average Automation Cost
      • Automation Planning
    • Admin Console
    • User Roles
    • Tasks
    • Automation Hub Integration
  1. Document Understanding and AI fabric
    • What is AI Fabric
    • Why organizations fail despite the capabilities of AI and ML
    • Setting Up Ai Fabric on Your machine
    • ML Model Classifications
    • Create your ML Models
    • ML Logs
    • Field Description for ML Skills, Packages and ML Logs
    • Different Roles for Ai Fabrics
    • Licensing AI with UiPath
    • Live Use cases of AI and ML with UiPath
  1. Insights
    • What is UiPath Insights
      • Why Automation Run Suboptimally in most organizations
      • A closer look at UiPath Insights
      • What are the key features of UiPath Insights
      • Insights Relevance by Job Profile
    • How UiPath Insights is different than any other BI
    • Uipath Insights Platform Architecture
      • Get UiPath Insights Instance
      • Software and Hardware requirements UiPath Insights
    • Uipath Insights Components
    • UiPath Insights Data Model
  1. Insights Dashboard
    • Analytics Tab
    • Pulse Tab
    • Manage Insights Dashboard
    • Field Descriptions
    • Creating Editing Charts
    • Chart Types
    • Filters and Widgets
  1. Insights Management
    • User roles
    • User Permissions
    • Widgets

Case Study 1: MIne Process To Draw Bottlenecks

Case Study 2: Solve Challenge To Have COE Pipeline

Case Study 3: What is happening in my automated processes

  • Project 1: Set up RPA Platform with Components from Discovery To Measure
  • Project 2: Extract the relevant emails using AI fabric and ML skills
  • Project 3: Document Identification Using AI ML Skills.
  • Ui Path Foundation Knowledge
  • RPA Foundation Knowledge
  • Work Experience of 3 months or More


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The training simulates real-time industry processes for automation. Two projects are covered as part of the training first project covers flow chart Project, the second one covers REF (Robotics Enterprise Framework)

You could use your laptop or desktop to execute practicals. This course does not require any specialized personal computer. We help you install UiPath during the training to ensure you can execute practicals.

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